We are hosting a read-a-thon for all ages! Stop in today to pick up the reading log!

Each age group must read a certain number of hours. Get a prize for reaching the half-way point and a gift bag and raffle ticket upon completion.

To earn a prize you must read a certain number of hours depending on your age group:

Pre-K Half:                            3.5 hours    Complete: 7 hours
Elementary School Half:         7 hours       Complete: 14 hours
Middle & High School Half:   14 hours     Complete: 28 hours
Adults Half:                           17.5 hours   Complete: 35 hours

Come to the library on January 3rd from 3pm-4pm to log your current reading hours and check out some of the library’s fun clubs and activities!

Join us on January 6th from 1pm-2:30pm for the Party and Raffle!!!