Starting August 6th the Carson City Library’s collection of ebooks, audiobooks, and streaming video on OverDrive will be available as part of a shared collection with the Nevada Library Cooperative.

This agreement will allow the digital collections of all participating libraries to be shared with all of their users, providing more titles, more copies, and shorter wait times for popular books.

The library’s previous OverDrive website now redirects to OverDrive app users will need to add the Nevada Library Cooperative as a library. It can be found easily by searching by zip code, then selecting their home library (Carson City Library) and signing in with their card number.

If you are having difficulty streaming or downloading content from OverDrive, it may help to clear your browser’s cache.

How to clear your browser’s cache on a computer

How to clear your browser’s cache on a mobile device

Users who would like help to sign in and use OverDrive may register for the library’s OverDrive Clinic held in the @Two Digital Learning Center Training Hub on the second floor of the Carson City Library.