For grades K-3: Join us for monthly Science Storytimes! We’ll read a science-themed book, and do experiments while we read! This month, we’ll read I Get Wet, by Vicki Cobb and Jlia Gorton, and find out why some things (like us!) get wet, while other things don’t. If you’d like to follow along with the experiments, here are the supplies you will need: pitcher of water, paintbrush, waxed paper, paper towel or napkin, food coloring (optional) and some glasses, bottles or bowls of different shapes. We will also make a water wheel after we read, and here are the supplies we’ll use for that: two paper plates, six plastic cups (or similar), a skewer and duct tape.
This program will be held via Facebook Live. Register below to be notified when the program starts. There will be an option to request a take-home kit with experiment supplies, and kits will be available for pick up Feb. 8-24.