Giving Back to Your Library

The Carson City Library welcomes your support through donations. Your donations provide opportunities to enhance book and ebook collections, as well as to fund projects and events which might otherwise be out of financial reach for the Library.

For more information, please see the section on Gifts in the Carson City Library Policy.


Donations of books and other physical materials are accepted and processed by the Friends of the Carson City Library and should be brought to the Browsers Corner Bookstore across the street from the library at 711 E. Washington St. There is a donation drop box in front of Browsers Corner for small donations. For donations of three boxes or more, please call the bookstore at 775-884-4043 in advance. For more information about what items can be donated, please visit the Browsers Corner Book Store online.

The Library is unable to accept donations of ebooks or other electronic content purchased for individual use.

Monetary Gifts

Thank you for considering a monetary donation to the Library! Money to support library projects can be donated through the Friends of the Carson City Library website.

Many Library materials are sponsored by community members like you. You can directly support our library collections by contacting the Collection Development team by phone at 775-283-7588 or email at

  • Magazine Sponsorship — Join our yearly periodicals sponsorship list to help provide funding for magazines and newspapers
  • Book Sponsorships and Memorials — Make a donation to sponsor an addition to our collection with the option of a memorial bookplate to honor a friend, relative, or valued member of the community